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Predictions for 2015 Web Design Trends

Predictions for 2015 Web Design Trends

Like it or not, we’re powering through 2014. While the web and graphic design industry has introduced a slew of killer web design trends this year, we’re looking ahead and placing our predictions for trends to come in 2015.

As designers move toward less complicated and more sophisticated designs, we believe there are a few standout trends you can take to the bank as you plan your 2015 site build-outs and redesigns:

Flat Design

Swap your outdated textures, patterns, shadows, bubbles, and gradients for a focus on the sweet simplicity of flat design. As more and more site visits are happening on hand-held devices, designers are keen on building elements that appear smooth and minimalistic on flat screens. Though flat design has been around for a while, we’re betting on the rise of brilliant and effortless flat user interfaces.



Less Clicky, More Scrolly

Bulky sites that fragment your brand’s story over dozens of pages are history. Users now expect to be able to scroll through all that you offer in a single page, rather than by viewing every single page of your site. While multi-page sites do harness more SEO power, designs that provide content in the form of a single page are winning the hearts of smart phone and tablet users.


We say, “Responsive,” You say, “What?”

In our best Jan Brady voice, we’re saying, “Mobile, mobile, mobile!” It’s predicted that in 2015, mobile Internet usage will overtake conventional laptops and desktops. While many brands opt for a specific mobile website along with a regular web front, that means more time spent catering to two separate online campaigns. We’re predicting a surge of timesaving designs that are both impressive and mobile-responsive.


Typography is King

Typographic art is on the fast track toward mainstream. (We’ve got an ocean of apps to prove it.) High-quality fonts are now available at affordable prices to small businesses that have previously had to pay out the wazoo for complete font sets.  Rich typography will continue to be a dominating design element in 2015.


Though we can’t exactly predict the future, the trends and developments of 2014 can help us make reasonable predictions of what 2015  likely has in store. But the rate at which web development and design is expanding keeps us confident that web design will only get more inventive and creative in the next few years.

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