venerdì 7 novembre 2014

Sei annoiato? Pazzesco!

I am…absolutely floored.
Hopelessly lost in admiration!
You are everything I aspire to be.
Oh. Hold on. …..
Back. I had to go and check what “bored” meant, just in case the definition had changed recently, but no! It’s the same! In essence, you’re saying you’re sat there, with all the resources of the internet at your disposal, and you’ve run out of interesting things to do. Which is just incredible. You are amazing.
I mean, by being “bored”, you must have…
Inspiring Quote
  • Taken every “inspiring quote” in the spirit it was intended.
  • Sat outside and listened to the world – the birds, the weather, the bustle of humanity, the creak of your chair, the sound of your own breathing – until everything held absolutely zero novelty or interest for you. Go on. We’ll wait.
  • Learned how to paint a picture with food, like this, or this.
  • Addressed every lingering guilty regret, until you were satisfied you’d done absolutely everything you could to make amends, no matter how belatedly.
  • And finally (because it’s important to have a sense of proportion here) – you’ve followed every single link in every single issue of Aaron Bady‘s Sunday Reading series.
Not enough for you? Follow me on Twitter and I might be able to help further!

Shannon of A Little Adrift has rounded up a couple of cubic miles of free stuff here, some of which I’ve mentioned above, most of which I haven’t. Click this and you’ll never be bored again, but your head may explode. Your choice.

I mean, there’s other stuff – but let’s face it, doing these things really ate up your free time. You’re allowed a little slack!
And I don’t want to sound unreasonable, of course. Or bitchy.
Anyway, I’ll let you get back to being bored.
Because you, my friend, deserve it.
VIA: Fevered Mutterings

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