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100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music


  1. exfm – See what’s trending. Discover new music. Share with friends.
  2. liveplasma – Music (and movies and books) discovery engine.
  3. Serendip – A personal playlist created in realtime by your social media friends.
  4. OurStage – Discover great new independent music artists. Free streaming radio.
  5. MPme – Assesses the listening habits of you and your friends to make recommendations.
  6. Monstro – Find out what music is trending on Twitter right now.
  7. seevl – Discover music you will love directly on YouTube.
  8. The Hype Machine – The latest songs from music blogs worldwide.
  9. Hitlantis – Visual and social music discovery service.
  10. GoRankem – The cheat sheet for music discovery.
  11. thesixtyone – New artists make music and listeners decide if it’s good.
  12. Shazam – Discover, share and explore more music. Get streaming lyrics.
  13. – Shared music discovery. Sharing a song is as easy as texting.
  14. +Music – A Chrome app for facilitating music discovery.
  15. – Channel surf the music web. An audio magazine made by music blogs.
  16. 8tracks – Handcrafted internet radio.
  17. MadeLoud – Find new music and indie bands.
  18. Musicovery – Play your mood.
  19. TasteKid – Music (and more) discovery engine. Explore your taste.
  20. Splash – A music discovery social network that ranks how hip you are.


  1. Spotify – A new world of free music is just a click away.
  2. MOG – Unlimited music. Listen for free. Web and app versions.
  3. Rdio – Unlimited music everywhere with no ads.
  4. Grooveshark – Listen to free music online. Internet radio and MP3 streaming.
  5. Songza – Listen to music curated by music experts.
  6. Pandora – Listen to free music you’ll love.
  7. Slacker – Free and personalized Internet radio.
  8. Rhapsody – Subscription music service. Listen to millions of songs all you want.
  9. Loudlee – Easy and unlimited access to music.
  10. NoiseTrade – Thousands of albums, completely free and legal.
  11. Earbits – Great free music with no ads.
  12. tubeify – Streaming music mashup based on, Billboard and YouTube.
  13. – Track tracks and discover gems for free.
  14. AudioVroom – Social playlist generator. Music is collaborative like a mix tape.
  15. Deezer – Unlimited music in your pocket and on the web.
  16. AudioGalaxy – Your music plus internet radio.
  17. Navegas – Web based music player for ALL of your sources.
  18. musicplayr – Listen to free web music.
  19. stereomood – Music for your mood and activities.
  20. Aupeo – Free online radio.
  21. mSpot – Cloud music player that works with most devices.


  1. WillCall – Catch a live show at the last minute at exclusive prices.
  2. Liveset – Now the concert comes to you.
  3. Songkick – Be the first to know about concerts.
  4. Switchcam – Watch entire concerts powered by fan footage from multiple angles.
  5. Wolfgang’s Vault – World’s largest collection of concert audio, video and merch.
  6. Tixie – Win tickets to live music.
  7. Bandsintown – A more personalized, more social way to discover concerts.
  8. Live Nation – Concert tickets and tour dates.
  9. Thrillcall – Plug into live music in your city.
  10. Ticketpasser – Location based P2P ticket marketplace.
  11. Hear It Local – Discover local music.
  12. Gruvr – Google maps mashup that shows local concerts.
  13. Show Kicker – Crowdfunded concert booking.


  1. Soundrop – Crowd based social music hangout where you can listen with friends.
  2. Flutter – Control Spotify (and iTunes) using gestures via webcam.
  3. SpotON Radio – Discover great new music with the tap of a finger.
  4. ShareMyPlaylists – Share Spotify playlists. Long live the mixtape.
  5. Utubify – Watch your Spotify playlist. A Spotify and YouTube mashup.
  6. Spotibot – Generate Spotify playlists powered by
  7. Moodagent – A Spotify enhancement that plays songs based on mood.
  8. Spotiseek – Helps you find new Spotify music.
  9. Spotify Search – Firefox addon enables right-click selection and search.
  10. Equalify – Free Windows-only equalizer for Spotify.
  11. Pitchify – Spotify links based on great reviews.
  12. Lyrify – Automatically find lyrics for your favorite Spotify music.


  1. – Connect with your friends for realtime social listening.
  2. This Is My Jam – Like Instagram and Pinterest for music.
  3. Soundtracker – Geosocial internet radio. Discover and play nearby songs.
  4. Rexly – Share and discover music with friends in realtime.
  5. GetGlue – Check in to music and get rewards.
  6. Twusic – Twitter plus music.
  7. LetsListen – Listen to music and chat with friends as if they were in front of you.
  8. Mixlr – Discover live audio. Broadcast live for free.
  9. Flowd – A social network for music lovers.
  10. RCRDCLUB – Meet people while listening to music you love.
  11. Beatrobo – Online music community to enjoy music with friends.
  12. Playmysong – Free social jukebox app.

iPhone & Android Apps

  1. SoundTracking – Share the sound track to your life.
  2. Awedetorium – Aural happiness. Re-imagined iPad music experience.
  3. Supersonic – A simple way to discover new music on your iPhone.
  4. ialbums – Listen beyond your music.
  5. Anthm – People control the music.
  6. SoundHound – Instant music search and discovery.
  7. Nomis – The music release notifier app for iPhone.
  8. OnCue – Tap + hold + drag + drop. Smartview, lyrics, advanced crossfading.
  9. Sonos Controller – Control all of your music from any room.
  10. – Listen to the music around you and broadcast your music to the world.
  11. TuneIn – Listen to the radio wherever you go.
  12. Psonar – Liberate your music with the pay per play model.
  13. Jelli – 100% user-controlled FM radio. iOS/Android.
  14. Adaptunes – Speed-based volume control.
  15. What’s On Air – Tune up with your favorite music.

Music Lockers

  1. iTunes in the Cloud – Music you purchase appears on all your iOS devices.
  2. Google Play – Buy music or store up to 20k songs from your collection online.
  3. Amazon Cloud Drive – Securely store you music and make it available anywhere.
  4. – Your media library in the cloud.
  5. Mashup – Your music in the cloud.
  6. MufinPlayer – Your music from the browser.
  7. tunesBag – Upload and access your music anywhere, anytime.


  1. Signal Patterns – Discover the music traits that define you.
  2. Sellaband – Where fans invest in music.
  3. MomentumIndex – Ranking today’s hottest music startups. (Login required).
  4. – Evolving music past the play button (by The Echo Nest).
  5. TuneUp – An iTunes plugin that fixes mislabeled song info and album art.
  6. Fanattac – Don’t just be a music fan, be a fanatic.
  7. FoxyTunes – Control any media player while surfing the web.
  8. ReDigi – Store, stream, buy and sell pre-owned digital music.
  9. Unhear It – Get that song out of your head!
  10. Murfie – The friendly music market.
  11. Soshi Games – Games based music discovery.
  12. – The setlist wiki.
  13. MXP4 – Creates social music games for Facebook.
  14. Jamendo – Listen to music published under Creative Commons for free.
  15. SoundCloud – Share your sounds.
  16. WatZatSong – Let the community name your tunes.
Prepare yourself for another dose of Monday roundup madness! It’s time for another crazily comprehensive, yet carefully curated, look at an entire industry–the music industry to be specific. This if the first in a two-part series on the music industry which will conclude next week. This week’s focus is on the consumer side of music. Below you’ll find the best resources for music fans including ways to discover new tunes, the best tools and services for creating a perfect music listening experience, tons of concert and live show resources, many ways to enhance Spotify, social tools for getting down with your friends, iPhone and Android music apps, music locker (cloud) services and finally some miscellaneous resources that you’re bound to love. Coming up next week: tools for the bands and artists that make the music you love to listen to!
UPDATE 12/10/13: We’ve released a follow-up to this post with 100 More Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music.

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