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How To Defeat Procrastination

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"When all is said and done, more is said than done." - Anonymous
Procrastination is the result of a very powerful law of physics known as inertia.
Inertia states that a body at rest will remain at rest until acted on by some outside force. In other words, things - including people - tend to stay put. In order to achieve forward motion, people need to push themselves. Inertia tends to keep us all in place.
I used to be a procrastinator until one day it hit me. No one really cares how my life plays out...except me!
I realized that if I wanted to make something of my life, I had to stop making excuses.
Procrastination is a dream killer. To overcome it, you must make inertia your ally, as the law also states that an object in motion will stay in motion. To defeat it, you must take that first step.
These tips are a good start:
  1. Keep a piece of paper or index card in your pocket with your goals written in bold ink. People who are adept at warding off procrastination are able to connect the result of their action (or inaction) with the achievement of their goals. Keep reminders of your goals handy and you're less likely to delay steps that can bring you closer to your personal dreamscape.
  2. Break big projects up into manageable pieces. Most of us are overwhelmed when contemplating a huge project. We look at the height of the mountain in front of us and we think, 'What's the use?'
    Divide the project up into smaller piece and enable yourself to take baby steps forward, and suddenly the mountain doesn't seem so tall and steep.
  3. Train your mind (awareness) to snap into action at the onset of laziness. We can all feel ourselves get tired or lazy. We know we should do something, but just don't feel like it....
    As soon as this feeling begins to creep in and take over, jump right up and get going. Make this your anti-procrastination reflex.
  4. Always carry a note-taking device. Whether an old-fashion notepad or a high-tech smartphone, you must be able to memorialize your thoughts and ideas at all times. Creative bursts are not polite and often crop up when we're least prepared to capture them (like in the shower!)
    You may not be able to start into a new project or idea right then and there, but you can at least write an outline, jot down a to-do list or scribble some notes. Put your ideas in writing and you'll be more likely to act on them when you've got a chance.

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