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Opportunities in Blogging – A Detailed Guide On How To Make Money With Blog

Opportunities in Blogging – A Detailed Guide On How To Make Money With Blog


Everybody knows about blogging. It’s an informal online casual diary where one posts information. This is what you know, right? But do you really know the opportunities involved in blogging as a business. You must have definitely heard about bloggers earning 4, 5 or up to 6 digits a month. I am talking about money here. Have you ever thought how they earn such high amount simply by posting information? The only reason is that they are able to explore the opportunities that are involved in blogging as a business. They know how to make money with a blog. They know the different levels of blogging and how to seamlessly transit from one level to the other. This post will provide you with all the information that you require to know how to make money with blog.

The money making potential of these online diaries are immense. One thing is for sure, that this blogging business is really easy to set up. In fact, you can start it today, right now. You neither require any fancy marketing tactics nor do you require any kind of geeky internet knowledge. Making money blogging is extremely easy. You just need to start on the right path and with few tapping of your keys, you will be in business. Let’s explore some more business blogging opportunities to reveal on how to make money with blog.

Now you must think, is blogging free? Well, the answer is yes as well no. You can either make use of blogging service such as WordPress  or or you can set up your own domain and host your blog yourself. For the second option, you need to buy a hosting service and a domain name for your blog. While for the first option, your chosen domain name will be suffixed by the service provider, such as

A. Let’s get the definitions out….

So let’s see the correct definition of a blog.

make money blogging

A blog is a personal webpage that includes views and thoughts on a particular subject such as hobbies, politics, electronics, education, local news etc. You pick up any topic from any corner and you can create a blog page of it. It can also be a diary of your day to day life as is done by celebrities. But since you are not a one, you need to focus on some important topics. A blog is an incorporated page of text, image, graphics, links to other blogs and web pages etc. that are related to the discussed topic on the current page.

The popularity of blogs is increasing at far more than exponential rate. With more than double every 6 months, the present count of the number of blogs in this world is over 180 million.

Anyone with an internet access and a sound knowledge can start up a blog with zero investment cost and can potentially gain millions and millions of audience. The money making opportunities in  make money blogging business has inclined worldwide internet users to switch over to blogging.

Despite easy start-ups and money making opportunities, let’s check out some other benefits of blogging as a business.

B. Benefits of Blogging as a business

Blogging Opperutnities

  1. Make money from your hobby/interest:

    People select their blog topics from their particular area of interest or hobbies, be it pets, travel, arts, sports, interior design etc. And yes you can make money with blog, provided you have a continued interest in your selected genre.

  2. Minimal work:

    You can create a blog within 10 minutes and you just require 15 minutes per day to manage your blog. Very hard work, is it?

  3. Minimal set up costs:

    Blogging can be absolutely free of cost, if you take the help of service providers such as WordPress or But you can also set up your own by buying a domain host and a domain name.

  4. Use other people’s hard work to earn money:

    You need not be a writer to make money with blog. A blog is a place where people share information. You can invite other people to share their information in your blog.

  5. Get noticed by search engines:

    You can easily get noticed by search engines and can leapfrog some well-established websites without complicated Search Engine Optimization Techniques and expensive consultants.

  6. Find Customers easily:

    Blogging business is a very good source to find customers. Build an extensive informational database to sell your products. Blogs offer a cheap and an easy way to find new clients, add value to your existing customers, and build powerful relationships to sell more.

  7. Create communities:

    If you run a club, society, organization or something like that, you can bring like-minded people to chat and share ideas on a local or global basis.

  8. Create multiple, repeated blogs:

    You don’t have to stop at one blog – you can choose multiple niche subjects areas to build your blogs around. Focus on the first one correctly and then you can roll out.

  9. Expert:

    What more do you want – write about something that you like, your passion, your interest. With unique and valuable information, you can get yourself recognized as an expert in your area. You can build a long line of followers for your blogs.

C. So the now main question – Why isn’t everyone making big money with blogs???

make money blogging

Basically there are two reasons for it.

Firstly, a majority of blogs are purely created for fun. They were never designed by keeping money in mind. That’s obviously O.K. and this is what makes blogs such an exciting tool.

But we are in it for money and there are specific steps that you need to ensure that your blog is attracting the right kind of money paying visitor.

Secondly, when it comes to make money  blogging business opportunities, blogs are still a “new thing in the market”.

Blogs offer you a chance to publish niche market information and reach out to a wide target audience. But many businesses are still failing to realize its potential to explore immense business opportunities.

For you, the time is ripe to take up blogging as a business. Based upon the current trend, even a part-time blogger can earn around 500$ per week.

D. How To Make Money With Blog?

Make money with blog

Majority of people have a misconception that you cannot make big money with blogging. Let me tell you, they are unaware of different levels of blogging. With each level, your money making capacity increases. Check out the post on 4 levels of internet marketing to study a level by level process on how to make money via blogging.

E. Why Search Engines Love Blogs?

It’s very conspicuous that Google is the main source of traffic for any kind of website. Just imagine, if a person types in “Ceiling Fans” in Google and your website (which sells ceiling fans) is at the top of Google rankings. Obviously, you would be selling a high number of ceiling fans. See, this is the power which Google holds.

The main problem was to get your blog ranked in search engines result page for your desired keywords. Thanks to recent search engine updates, you neither require any complex search engine optimization techniques in your blog nor you need to hire a search engine expert.

There are three reasons why certain websites/blogs gets to the top of search engines.

  1. They have relevant and fresh content related to a certain niche/keyword.
  2. The content is regularly updated to fill the website with fresh information.
  3. There are a number of links going in and out of a website to other niche related websites.

Yes, your blogging business needs to fulfill these very important criteria if you wish to leapfrog some well-established and reputed sites that already belong to your niche.

The business opportunities with blogging are vast. A prospective blogger requires a high amount of dedication and increasing level of persistence to sustain in blogging business. To Make money with blog is good, I’d say excellent, provided you do it the right way.

If you are looking for a step by step process to start your own blogging, you can visit our Beginners-guide-to-blogging to reach near targeted visitors. Please feel free to leave any comment you have in your mind.


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