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Essential Skills Every Web Developer Should Have - 2

Essential Skills Every Web Developer Should Have – 1

1. Code: It’s the be-all without the end-all.

You should be able to code as a developer. This might seem like we’re stating the obvious, but there’s a lot of people building websites these days without anything close to programmatic chops.

2. Don’t get too comfortable - stay informed.

Keeping up with technology is tough. It’s changing at such a quick pace that staying up-to-date on everything is probably close to impossible.

3. Testing.

Be able to problem solve for issues that deal with usability and user experience.

4. Communication and social interaction are skills.

The stereotype of a silent developer who only opens his or her “mouth for peanuts” maybe be an outdated concept at this point. We now live in the age of exchanging knowledge: podcasts, vlogging, TEDtalks, and conferences.

5. Teach yourself and always be hungry for more.

Web development and technology is always changing. New releases, versions, features, tools, etc. - it can be tough to stay on top of it. This is why a great developer should also be a great self-learner. 

6. Learn to manage your time.

If you can manage your time, you can manage your projects. It’s as simple as that. A developer who uses good time management methods are able to deliver projects more consistently than those who don’t.

7. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Developers should be able to draw or prototype their intentions for a couple of reasons.
1: It’s the cheapest way to fail. 
2: Producing a visual is the quickest and often, most concise, way to get your ideas across.

8. Be reckless, be lazy.
Sometimes what we think of as negative qualities can actually be positive ones. Being “lazy” in this context means you find the fastest and most efficient way of doing something to avoid spending too much effort on a task.

9. Enjoy what you do.


10. Never forget that you’re solving a problem.

Everything that you create, build, or code is meant to be a solution for some dilemma. Technology you use or the language you prefer shouldn’t distract from the main meat of the job: problem-solving.

By Hi-Tech ITO

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